The leading also provide line coupling are ventilated for the conditions

Dictate the utmost reservoir leakage rates (inside psi each minute), which is the restriction rate out-of reduction of air pressure off the vehicle’s reservoirs that efficiency upcoming vehicle parking braking system app

S5.6.six.5 The first requirements having S5.six.six.4 are as follows: New reservoir program and offer line is actually pressurized so you can 100 psi, utilizing the also provide range part of the truck attempt rig (Figure step 1).

S5.six.six.six The exam series to possess S5.6.6.4 is just as employs. Any single leakage variety of inability, in every other brakes, off a part made to incorporate compressed air otherwise braking system liquid (consistent with the parenthetical statement specified in S5.6.step 3.1), is actually put throughout the brake system. Thirty moments following initiation of these ventilation, the production line try repressurized toward trailer try rig (Figure step one). 30 seconds pursuing the initiation of these repressurizing of one’s also provide range, the leading also have range is actually vented on ambiance. This process is completed either of the partnership and disconnection of one’s have range coupling otherwise of the access to a valve installed into the the production line portion of the truck decide to try rig around the likewise have range coupling.

When your car was created to tow a vehicle equipped with air brakes, an effective 50 cubic inch test tank are attached to the rear have line coupling

S5.six.7 Maximum amount of popular diaphragm leaks-variety of incapacity/ Comparable level of leaks regarding sky chamber who has one to diaphragm. In the case of automobile for which the option for the S5.6(b) could have been elected, dictate the utmost amount of common diaphragm leakages-style of incapacity (or equivalent level of leakages throughout the sky chamber that has one diaphragm) with respect to the measures set forth for the S5.six.eight.step 1 thanks to S5.6.eight.2.3. one Depending on the following the techniques, dictate the new threshold quantity of common diaphragm leaks-method of incapacity (otherwise equivalent number of leaks in the heavens chamber with you to definitely diaphragm) from which the car’s parking brakes feel unreleasable. With a primary reservoir system pressure from one hundred psi, the brand new engine-turned off, zero applying of all vehicle’s brakes, and you can, if for example the auto was created to tow a car or truck armed with heavens brakes, a fifty cubic inch decide to try tank attached to the also have range coupling, present a great leakage-type of failure of your preferred diaphragm (otherwise similar leakage on sky chamber that features one to diaphragm). Pertain new vehicle parking brake system by making a loan application actuation of parking brake manage. Slow down the pressures throughout of HookupDate tips one’s automobile’s reservoirs to help you no, trigger the latest engine and permit they to lazy, and enable new demands throughout the vehicle’s reservoirs to increase until it stabilize or till the compressor close-out-of point try achieved. During the time, create a release actuation of your vehicle parking brake manage, to see if or not all the mechanical function described during the S5.6.3.2 will still be actuated and you can contain the parking brake programs with plenty of vehicle parking retardation force to satisfy minimal abilities specified in a choice of S5.6.1 or S5.6.dos. Try this process with increasingly coming down or broadening profile (any type of enforce) regarding leakage-particular diaphragm downfalls or comparable leakages, to find the minimum number of preferred diaphragm leaks-types of incapacity (or similar number of leakages regarding the air chamber that features you to definitely diaphragm) at which all of the physical setting referred to from inside the S5.six.3.dos are still actuated and you will hold the parking braking system software with plenty of parking retardation pushes in order to satisfy the minimum efficiency given in both S5.6.step one otherwise S5.6.2. 1.2 Within number of common diaphragm leakage-type failure (or equivalent level of leaks regarding heavens chamber which has had one to diaphragm) determined inside S5.six.7.step one.step 1, and using the next process, dictate new tolerance maximum reservoir price (from inside the psi a minute). Having a first tank system stress of one hundred psi, the latest engine-turned out of, zero application of all car’s brake system and you will, if your car was designed to tow an automobile equipped with air brake system, good 50 cubic inch take to reservoir attached to the supply line coupling, apply actuation of the vehicle parking brake manage.

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